About Us

The Beginning

After shuffling through the endless list of phone cases on Amazon.com in the Summer of 2019 we could not find a single case that would satisfy us. Each case was either too clunky, the same boring design, made with cheap materials, or quite simply, ugly.

In an age where the prices of iPhones have skyrocketed, iPhone cases are a must have. Unfortunately, it's always disappointing when an ugly case ruins the sleek aesthetic of a new iPhone. Yet there simply were no affordable phone cases that were aesthetically appealing. 

So in late July of 2019, we decided to do something about it. We hired a couple designers, found a manufacturer, and got to work creating our collection of iPhone cases that would fit our needs. Our aim was to build something elegant, protective, and most importantly beautiful.

Suddenly, we began to notice a trend. iPhone cases were not just being used for protection anymore, they were being treated as accessories. Like any other piece of jewelry, customers would buy multiple phone cases to fit their outfits, the seasons, or their changing moods.

Our goal is to become the phone case brand that can meet your needs. We want to provide everyone with unique designs, made with natural materials, and in an environmentally friendly way. We have a long journey ahead of us as we try to expand our collection, and look for exciting opportunities partnering with artists around the world, and in support of charitable causes.

Try out our cases, share our story with a friend, or reach out to us with your opinions on our designs.